Fleet Custom Car Graphics

As a Fleet Manager, you would know the challenges of managing a fleet of vehicles around the country. You would have experienced challenges such as:

  • Liaising with various dealerships to ensure vehicle delivery
  • Getting consistency with brand colours
  • Ensuring vehicle wrap is applied correctly and the list goes on


One of the frustrations we hear from is around the branding of a vehicle. It may seem simple, but we are often helping Fleet Managers with correcting the branding of vehicles. The key areas are:

1. Design – If there is a variety of fleet vehicles from sedan, wagons, trucks and vans, the design must be specifically custom designed for each type of vehicle. When there is a new type of vehicle, even the slightest change will shift the design.

Getting a proof of the vehicle design is a great first step. You will also need to consider if there are sliding doors and hatches as it can alter the look. We all have seen some of those memes out there.

2. Print Production – the quality of film wraps make a big difference to the end result and the longevity of the wrap. Each organisation offers different wraps products, so the best approach is to use one company to print the wrap.

In addition, having one car wrap specialist print the wrap, will ensure better colour consistency as the same machines are used. There is nothing worse to a company’s branding, than getting the colours incorrect.

3. Installation – One of the challenges with Fleet Managers is finding an organisation to help coordinate national installation. There are not many organisations that can offer national installation especially in remote areas of Australia.

How do you save time and money with managing the branding of your fleet?
Out There Media can make it easier for you to manage your fleet national. Our service extends from print, production and installation and you will only deal with one person.

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